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Gan Craft Ocean Killers Second 6'2" PE1.2-2.5

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The basic concept of OCEAN KILLERS is strong resistance force for maximum jig momentum and strong power during the fight. Strong resistance force assist angler ability to move the jig. The emphasis on the jigs action and in water presentation is paramount to the success of the angler, Ocean Killers rod system has the greatest ability to achieve this goal. Many jigging rods of this style do not have sufficient power to fight fish but are more designed with just jig action in mind. OCEAN KILLERS Rods also maintain the power to fight the fish and to get the required jig action. 
  • Model: GC-OKJ B620-2
  • Length: 6'2"
  • Weight: 135g
  • Jig Weight: 100-200g
  • Line: PE# 1.2-2.5