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Hookem Iki Spike T-Bar Handle

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As Fishing Australia explains; "Iki jime, pronounced “icky Jimmy”, is a method for inserting a metal object into the fish’s brain, killing it instantly. 
OK, so it sounds a little gruesome.  But if done correctly it is very quick and effective. The fins will stand up and then the fish will go completely limp.   It is much more humane than letting a fish suffocate in a bucket or in the bottom of a boat.  Ethics aside, the fish will taste much sweeter, as a fish that flaps around produces lactic acid which in turn makes the flesh taste sour.  Lactic acid also reduces the length of time the fillets will last in the fridge."
  • Spike Length: 170mm
  • Handle Width: 110mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Note: Offset Spike