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Hots One Pitch Slider SOS56H

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For the Kingfish…

In the butt section of New “3rd Generation” ONE PITCH SLIDER, the carbon cloth has been replaced with “Four-direction set carbon cloth” instead of Plain weave carbon cloth.  Since the Four-direction set carbon cloth gives very high strength and very high torsional strength than the old models without this rod models, this new blank offers superior performance as a result of having remarkably stronger torsional strength than the old models.  In the tip part, the Unsanded finish with 1 mm pitch has been applied in order to keep the lightness and strength.

  • Length: 5.6 feet 
  • Pieces: 1 piece 
  • Weight: 248 g 
  • Line Weight: PE5-8
  • Jig Max: 500g Over