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Lamble Bait Haoli Air Jig Range

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Explosive swimming power - It is a jig developed with HAOLI as a mother and features a unique buoyant body, thus the Air-Jig!

  • 150g | 170g | 190g | 215g | 240g
  • Available in 4 colours
  • See picture for hollow build design

Characteristics of the Air-Jig as taken from the Japan website:

  1. The buoyant body on the back allows for floating feeling and dirt performance that does not rotate, and the lateral movement of the deep field can also be easily done with a slow input with a cleft edge.
  2. You can produce a sense of life with a dozer sink and shelf-conscious strategies work.
  3. Buoyant body designed for each size! The mass is mounted in the best position.
  4. The settling speed is also fast, it is effective for the target of Mt.
  5. On the back, with a dent and two keels installed! It demonstrates swimming that does not go too much.
  6. It is basic based on a slightly weakened dirt performance that fly well. It is easy to operate jig.
  7. The buoyant body built in the back side of the jig [water surface direction] demonstrated a great effect and recorded high fishery.

Note: Damage can also be caused by extreme shocks, so please be careful when bringing the lure back on board

Weight Length
NEW 110 g 160 mm
150 g 170 mm
170 g 204 mm
190 g 216 mm
215 g 230 mm
240g 240 mm