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Lamble Bait Haoli Flashing Jig Range

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Holographic flashing explosion wow!

  • 110g | 140g | 170g | 240g
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Perfect for all demersal and seriola species on slow pitch or spin

Random Dart & Parapara Forward
with a character edge! It is an evolutionary type jig that cut obliquely forward and backward with the explosion slim & long as the mother body. Flushing Haori jigs five thousand a day "Fierce Battleground" In Akashi Strait, a fishing jig where a large number of kanpachi and mezzo are caught. 
Random horizontal dart by slow & middle jerk and Parapara Falling which stops huff will not escape the big thing! !

Smart body with high quality holo mounted on body sharpened by hand sharpening
Slim and long mother body slim & long, polished one by one by hand without compromise One of the highest grade hollow nights enhanced flushing effect Equipped! The body that minimized coloring is flushing with glitter even in the ocean where there is a lot of turbidity! 
 If you make appeal of the existence of the jig in an outstanding flushing body it is a big explosion! 
Light type demonstrates high fishery to red snapper & cod roe. 
Purple gold is recommended for Tachio.