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Maph LED Light Stick with replament battries

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For those who fish at night, we usually use a glowstick on the tip of the rods so we can see if there are any bites in the dark. With glowsticks, the glow dissipates after a few minutes or they just don’t glow bright enough. We brought these LED light sticks in which are at least twice as bright as the glowsticks in the market.

Simply insert the battery and tape the LED light stick to your rod. To store the LED light stick, simply reverse the battery for storage. Each battery lasts for over 20 hours so you will get on average 4 fishing sessions out of one battery which can be replaced.


  • 70mm x 7mm
  • Uses CR425 or CR435 batteries
  • Lasts for 20 hours or more per battery
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Each LED Light stick comes with one CR425 battery