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Mc Works Northern Blue NB672BJ Line PE 2-3

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Translated from MC Works website (Japanese):
Recent exterior chamber jigging performed concurrently with casting has a need to build a strategy based on dozira sinking. When casting & jerking is repeated at the tide pole, the fatigue accumulation also increases in the rod starting from the traditional vertical, and it often happens to miss the small bite. Also, since the release of lines also increases with diagonal drawing, there is concern that the alignment will be delayed in short rods. Therefore, by having flexible tip and long berry section while maintaining the high sensitivity characteristics of conventional EVOLUTION SOTOBO, BJ is a rod with improved operability and hooking efficiency.


  • Length 6'7 "
  • Jig cast 40-120 g
  • Line PE # 2-3
  • Drag max 5 kg