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Oceans Legacy Adrenalin Spin

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With XOS Australian and New Zealand Samson fish, Amberjack and Yellowtail Kingfish in mind and after many years of field testing and development, the Adrenalin series of rods was born.

The Adrenalin blanks are constructed with full cross carbon wrapping boasting superior blank strength to stop hard fighting predatory species. Constructed from the finest Japanese components from Fuji the Adrenalin series leaves anglers with nothing to worry about but stopping that fish of a lifetime! Heavier overhead models also come fitted with a heavy-duty aluminium gimbal. 

ADDG-S561ML Seriola Battlefield | 5'6" | 120-260g | PE 1.5-4.0 | 1pc

ADDG-S553M Seriola Battlefield | 5'3" | 200-380g | PE 3.0-6.0 | 1pc

ADDG-S521MH Seriola Battlefield | 5'2" | 300-500g | PE 4.0-8.0 | 1pc