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Oceans Legacy Long Fall OH

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Ocean’s Legacy’s Origin Longfall series are here after years of testing and development.

The Longfall rods provide jiggers with extra blank length over generic slow pitch rods to impart maximum jig action and extended fall time. The most important aspect of a longfall rod is its ability to “snap back” and return to its original state after pitching.

Through the spiral wrap guide concept employed in the construction of the Origin Longfall, weight is able to be saved in the build as fewer guides are required, allowing for a lighter blank to be used while reserving the “crisp” action essential in a longfall rod resulting in an extremely light rod that performs above and beyond. Furthermore, the spiral wrap guide concept eliminates the possibility for the line to come in contact with the blank while also reducing the opportunity for tip wrap to occur while jigging.

Thanks to cross carbon wrapping utilised in the construction of the blank, these deceptively light rods possess serious lower end power, assisting you in battling serious hard fighting predators. With a range extending from PE2 to PE4 everything from shallow water jigging right through to superdeep slow pitching is catered for. The Origin Longfall range is constructed with nothing but the finest quality components from Fuji Japan. If you are looking for a rod to take your slow pitch jigging to new heights look no further than the Origin Longfall series! 

Model Type Length PE Rating Jig Weight Pcs Reel Seat Guide Concept
ORLF-732L Overhead 7'3" PE 0.8 - 2.0 80g - 300g 1.5 Fuji 20 DPS Fuji S/S KW Alconite
ORLF-732M Overhead 7'3" PE 1.2 - 3.0 100g - 400g 1.5 Fuji 20 DPS Fuji S/S KW Alconite
ORLF-732H Overhead 7'3" PE 1.5 - 4.0 120g - 600g 1.5 Fuji 20 DPS Fuji S/S KW Alconite