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OSP Bent Minnows

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Overwhelming tempting power, rushing bite without hesitation. Bent minnow fascinates targets by ultimate natural 3D action which no lure has ever had. 

The most distinctive bent body imitates small fish lying on the surface of water unable to swim. It is quite different from others because target reacts very sensitively by just letting it stay on the surface. Not only this appearance Bent minnow has remarkable one and only action which no lure has ever had. 3D dart action of an upper and lower, right and left diagonal and unexpected is almost unknown bait that has already transcended the region of lure.

  • Floating
  • Fitted with a pair of Gamakatsu trebles and snap clip - ready to use right out of the packet.
  • 76mm | 4.3g / 86mm | 5.9g  / 106 | 10g
  • Made in Japan