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Owner Nitro Stealth Jigheads

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Designed for fishing your tackle to the limit. The Ultimate Sports Fishing Jigheads.

Sleek look, balanced design, unrivaled hooks & superior keeper, Nitro Stealth Jigheads set a new benchmark in jighead design. The larger models feature a keel that improves the balance and swim action, at the same time improving hook exposure and reducing snagging.

  • Chemically sharpened, forged, black nickel Owner hooks for strength and penetration
  • Super Quag Grip grub keeper for superior bait holding ability
  • Natural and balanced swim action on the drop and when retrieved
  • Unique sleek design for an improved profile when rigged with a large range of Berkley baits
  • Weights and hook sizes engraved on every jig head for easy selection
  • Designed by Australian Matt Fraser
Weight (oz/g) Sink Rate (p/sec)
1.8g/1/16oz 9"/23cm
2.4g/1/12oz 10.5"/26cm
3.5g/1/8oz 12"/30cm
4.7g/1/6oz 1'2"/36cm
7g/1/4oz 1'6"/45cm
10.6g/3/8oz 1'9"/53cm
14g/1/2oz 2'/60cm
17.5g/5/8oz 2'4"/70cm
22g/3/4oz 2'8"/80cm
28g/1oz 3'5"/102cm
42g/1/5oz 4'3"/130cm
56g/2oz 5'/150cm
85g/3oz 6'/180cm
112g/4oz 7'/210cm
140g/5oz 8'/240cm