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Patriot Designs Discovery PAC 2 Kingfish #5

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Recently, the trouble when traveling abroad with your rods is the length of the carry cases. Some airlines will not accept luggage that is longer than 130cm either as carry on or even as check-in luggage. Sometimes you will be lucky and find an airline that will accept luggage larger than 130cm, but of course, you’ll pay a premium for the service.
To combat this situation, P.D. has developed the World Discovery PAC II series. Disassembled and in a travel case only 121cm long it clears all airline luggage pitfalls. Reassembled at the other side you have 7ft 7in of top class fishing weaponry.

On top of this convenience factor, this rod is awesomely strong. One might think a two-piece rod will be weaker but that is most definitely not the case with this series. There is nothing to compare this too. It is light but can do the job of a heavy rod you may use when hunting monsters.
  • Length 8'1"
  • Action: Medium
  • Popper Max: 70g
  • Stickbait Max: 110g
  • PE#4-6
  • 2pc
  • Kingfish
  • BBB
  • Drag: 4kg-12kg