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Patriot Designs Super Heritage 80 MNSG

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The Patriot Designs Super Heritage range takes the strain so you don't have to.

Patriot Designs shaft models are strong to incredible levels. This new “Super Heritage” rod is uncannily flexible and awesomely strong. This lightness and flexibility combined with its prodigious strength make this a rod that is easy and gentle on the Anglers body. It is so flexible that the angler can comfortably hold it vertical as it takes the strain of a hooked prey.

It isn’t all about Angler comfort either. Patriot Designs rods have the strongest power in the world and this one strongest power. The angler can take on big GT and big Tuna with confidence that he isn’t loosing this catch!

The range of lures that can be used with this rod is also impressive. Everything from a light ’swim bait’ to a 170g popper for GT can be coped with. This really is a fantastic rod with more than enough power to bring a big GT floating to the surface.

Super Heritage 80 MNSG | 8’0 | Medium -Fast | 60-150g | PE5-10 | Power: AA | Drag: 8-14kg

Super Heritage 79 MNSG | 7’9 | Medium-Fast | 80-170g | PE6-12 | Power: AA | Drag: 8-16kg