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Patriot Designs World Combat GTZ Diamond 77

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The WORLD COMBAT GT-Z is the Katana of fishing rods looking only for a skilled hunter to wield it. 

PD brand are introducing an entirely new and original idea. Fusing the WORLD COMBAT GT-Z with titanium low rider guides. This harmonious union of setting plus unique rod engineering provides the monster hunter with and incredibly balanced, powerful and effective arsenal. 

This system is unmatched. PD Brand can proudly go so far as to say that this system is perfection realized. Others will try to follow we are sure but none will achieve the quality we are providing now. The commanding performance of the PD Brand WORLD COMBAT GT-Z reigns supreme and will continue to reign supreme over all other following brands.

Nothing else available can be compared with the WORLD COMBAT GT-Z. Whilst the exterior is fabulous to the point of eroticism the incredibly high level of technology and engineering that has gone into the development, design and manufacture of this unique and perfect product is breathtaking.  It’s beautifully clad on the outside but within is the heart of a warrior.

  • Length: 7'7"
  • Action: Medium/Fast
  • Lure weight: Max 230g
  • Line weight: PE#8~#10
  • Target: Giant Trevally
  • Power ratio: AA
  • Drag Setting: 8kg~15kg