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Ripple Fisher Aquila EX 79-3

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The EX79-3 was designed with its sights on targets like the Cubera snapper, Roosterfish from Latin America and other exotic species that inhabit the various Amazon ponds in Asia. As you are limited with your tackle options when traveling the world, we have created this versatile rod for use with a vast range of lures from the large jig heads, poppers and diving pencils. The rod can be characterized as being a little stiffer compared to the ordinary grip joint rods, but it is a highly responsive rod also ideal for use in the casting game targeting the bonitos and yellowtails from smaller boats.


7ft 9in (Closed length 847mm) 263g 3pcs / Grip-Joint + Spigot Ferrule ComfortWeight ※40~60g MAX PE 3 Regular

Suitable reel size S:5000~6000 / D:3500~4000
Grip length / 811mm(Grip full length)・497mm(From grip end to reel foot)
Dia of tip / 2.6mm(Just below top guide)・Dia of butt / 12.3mm (Butt diameter measured 895mm from the bottom of tip section)
Reel seat / DPS18(Fuji)Up Lock
Grip end / Hardness EVA is loaded on bottom of grip

※Comfort Weight is stood for the weight of jigs that you will be able to jerk comfortably. It has not meant to be a value of maximum.
※Price : Please contact to our agent in your country or nearest country.