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Seafloor Control Oblique F Jigs

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"The hairtail which a predation pattern changes into busily. I pay attention to the characteristic and am the jig which I designed. When I like the jig which does not act violently, "R enabling an action of the stillness," "C" and use are possible when I capture it by the invitation that "F" enabling an action of the motion touched lenience and severity when I like jigs acting violently.

It is the jig for the exclusive use of the hairtail which I gather the steps which are a concept of SFC into a scale form small and arranged. A center balance design of the hexahedron. Get nervous quietly in the Lee ring, and is irregular in fall; flat; beat, and do it, and fall while cutting water. Advance "stillness" is fall "motion" and is suitable for stop & go that is one of the capture patterns of the hairtail."