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Shimano Ocea Conquest CT300HG

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Equipped with a fall lever and a digital counter

The next generation of fall performance is added to the hard and smooth driving system, and the fall action is freely controlled. It became possible to consciously and accurately reproduce the falling bait and the bait escaping towards the bottom. Of course, all basic performance follows the Ocea conquest as it is, supports the strategy of the Angler with advanced specifications without excessive advanced mechanism. The style is proof of sophistication. Fall and winding, performance with two-way attracts offshore game to further height. 

  • Model: 300HG (right)
  • Gear ratio: 6.2 
  • Maximum drag force (kg): 7.0 
  • Weight (g): 390 
  • PE thread winding amount (No.-m): 2-380, 3-240, 4-170 
  • Maximum winding length (cm / 1 turn of handle): 84 
  • Spool size (diameter mm / width mm): 43/22 
  • Spool lower winding line (PE No. - m) :: 1/3 (※ 3), 2/3 (※ 3) 
  • Handle length (mm): 70 
  • Number of Bearings (BB / Roller): 10/1