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Silstar Lip Grip Fish Landing Tool SLG-1

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The Silstar ‘Lip Grip’ Fish Landing Tool protects you and reduces the possibility of injury to the fish you are landing.

It makes landing, hook removal, and releasing a safe and easy one-hand operation…no more hooks tangled in nets.
Once you have the fish at boat-side, simply slide the pincers over the bottom jaw of the fish and pull up.

The weight of the fish tightens the pincers, securing the fish, without causing injury to it and the fish can then be returned to the water and released by simply pulling back on the T-collar.

  • Secure to wrist with nylon lanyard
  • Contoured non-slip handle grip
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Positive lockin jaws tighten with weight of fish
  • Model: SLG-1