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SOM Blue Heaven L120N-HI R Narrow

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Translated from the Japanese website: The strongest rank acknowledged digging Beit L120. Flagship machine of the inflorescence can be said for this model "N" narrow spool ver... was born. Narrow spool has advantages, such as easy to roll evenly for no rebel winder for jigging reel, of course, the falling speed. Does not, of course, just the width of the pool narrowed the customized design throughout, should be called the special design specifications; Sea marks are gone, in some models, such as made in Japan by a variety of factors are used in this L120N made in Japan, and meticulous attention to design and production.

Model Retrieve Per Crank Gear Ratio Max Drag Bearing Line Capacity Weight
Blue Heaven L120N Hi-R 116cm 5.4:1 13kg ACBB × 1
× 9 Ball
Roller × 2