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Studio Ocean Mark Blue Heaven L50 OGM Power (Black/Cork)

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Included: Soft zip reel bag, neoprene reel cover & economizer
  • There are two economizers included with the reel. They are made from nylon resin and glass fibre. You can hold 300m of PE#4 and 300m of #3 exactly, and when you go on an expedition, simply remove the economizer and you can hold an additional 100m of #4 or an additional 300m of #3 PE line, which will allow you to fish a little bit harder than with the economizer attached. 
  • The handle arm is made from high-grade aluminum and is adjustable to three lengths! L50: 90mm/78mm/65mm
  • You get 0.5kg per drag click. You will get an additional 2kg in the max drag position. With our L120 series reel, you will get 1kg per drag click and also 2 additional kilograms in the max drag position.
Product name Gear Ratio Drag Max Bearing Weight
(Rated in kilograms)
BLUE HEAVEN 4.9:1 10kg Ballx10/ 480g
L50 (MAX SPEED 86cm) Rollerx1
  Line Capacity (Line specs were rated with japanese branded PE line) 
  PE#6-280m, PE#5-350m, PE#4-400m, PE#3-600m
  When using the P4-300 economizer:PE#6-200m, PE#5-250m, PE#4-300m, PE#3-400m 
  When using the P3-300 economizer:PE#4-200m, PE#3-300m