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Sunline Siglon PEX4 150m Spools

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Sunline's newest braid SIGLON PE offers incredible performance at an amazing price.

Made from EX-PE fibers, Siglon PE offers a tightly woven braid that provides superior abrasion resistance, a very thin diameter for its breaking strain and minimal stretch. It is very easy to manage with a stiff yet ultra-smooth and round profile.

  • 6lb | 8lb | 10lb
  • Light Green
  • 150m spools
Pounds Kilos PE size Diameter
5lb 2.1kg PE0.3 0.094
6kg 2.9kg PE0.4 0.108
8lb 3.3kg PE0.5 0.121
10lb 4.5kg PE0.6 0.132
12lb 6.0kg PE0.8 0.153
16lb 7.7kg PE1 0.171
20lb 9.2kg PE1.2 0.187
25lb 11kg PE1.5 0.209
30lb 13kg PE1.7 0.223
35lb 15.5kg PE2 0.242
40lb 18.5kg PE2.5 0.27
50lb 22kg PE3 0.296
60lb 29kg PE4 0.342
80lb 35kg PE5 0.382
90lb 40kg PE6 0.418
100lb 50kg PE8 0.483
130lb 60kg PE10 0.54