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Temple Reef Black Devil Rod Range

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Most Tuna rods are designed for lighter lines and parabolic in design under load. They do not provide sufficient lifting power to put the heat on stubborn tuna, resulting in undue fatigue on the angler.

If you cannot turn the tuna's head the fight will be very long, Temple Reef rods are all fast action and allow maximum pressure on the fish for minium fagtigue on the angler.

At Temple Reef, we believe in landing tuna in the shortest possible time as they are constantly moving, thus shorter fight time will allow the angler to land the fish quickly to move on to the next fish. On top of that we need a rod that is light enough to cast all day long and be able to deliver light lures into the fray effectively.

  • Black Devil blanks are built in Japan with composite materials, Fuji SiC guides and components are used to create the ultimate tuna casting rod.
  • Its sensitivity enables the angler to feel every movement of the lure without compromising on the lifting power to stay in control.
  • The lightweight construction also allows anglers to reduce casting fatigue and preserve their energy for the fight.
Model Black Devil 100 Black Devil 150 Black Devil 200 Black Devil 250 Black Devil 300
 Length 8'8" 8'3" 8'0" 8'0"  7'6" 
 Lure (g)  ~130g  ~140g  ~150g  ~170g  Up to 220g
 Line  PE 5-6 PE 6-7  PE 6-8 PE 8-10  PE8-12
 Max Drag* (kg)  12kg  13kg  14kg 16kg  19kg @45*
Overall Weight 405g 362g 370g 395g 405g


* Max Drag at 45° 
** Measured from middle of reel seat to end of rod

  • Dual Compartment rod sock included
  • Travel – 2pcs Butt Joint
  • Guides – Fuji MNSG 40-30-25-20-16-16
  • Tip – Fuji MNST 16
  • Reel Seat – Fuji DPS 20LD Long Nut (Matte Black Painting)
  • Gimbal – Fuji Graphite Gimbal