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Varivas Avani Slow Jigger Superconductor Braid 300m

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Next generation PE line appeared to go one step ahead! 

PE line of low elongation to change the slow jigging. By using the LS4 yarn, and success in the low elongation of 30% than conventional PE line. 

To the elongation of 7-8% of normal PE line, I realized low elongation of the wonder of about five percent. In addition, stable strength, yet also combine low elongation. 

Furthermore, by adopting a color with high visibility, and take a hit in the motion of the line also becomes easier. By Superconductor LS4, slow jigging to enter the next stage.

  • Marking line of five colors 10m
  • PE1: Max. 18lb / Ave. 16lb / 300m
  • PE1.2: Max. 20lb / Ave. 19lb / 300m
  • PE1.5: Max. 24lb / Ave. 23lb / 300m
  • PE2: Max. 30lb / Ave. 27lb / 300m
  • PE2.5: Max. 37lb / Ave. 34lb / 300m