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Xesta Slow Emotion Slow Jigging Rods Cork Handle

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Limited production model series pursuing sensitivity, weight reduction and balance.

Developed as a special model aiming for maximum sensitivity and lightest weight. The length is 6.4 ft which are easy to operate both operations and lowering, and the blanks are base plies of high elasticity 46t carbon. Developing blanks with a focus on controlling jig's smooth input and free running time. 

Triple A-high-grade cork which is gripped firmly in the hand even if it is wet is adopted as a grip, guide specifications are taken into consideration for weight reduction, the latest RV guide is attached, setting to make smooth thread line and line trouble avoided Slow jigging rod which put emphasis on weight reduction and rod action thoroughly was finally completed here. 

Of course, this sensitivity and operability will be overwhelmingly advantageous in shallow places as well as in depths exceeding 150 m in depth, and anglers' skills will improve and be sure to connect with fishing results. Experience the perfectly limited model that boils the angler 's impulse (emotion).

  • Limited Edition Cork Model
  • Slow Jigging Concept Rod
  • Sic Guides - Tangle Free
B643 | Purple | 6'4" | Jig 200g Average | PE 2 | Power 3
B644 | Green | 6'4" | Jig 200g Average | PE 2 | Power 4